The Dragon in his Lair

_The dragon, Fafner, emerging from his lair._

The dragon, Fafner, emerging from his lair.

From Siegfried, 1911.

Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) was one of the few illustrators as skillful at showing us the visible world as the realms and inhabitants of the imagination.

Rackham's fairies are superbly beautiful, but he also pictures magnificently grotesque creatures that no one has ever seen, at least not outside of dreams and nightmares. His animate trees are undeniably real, albeit not something to be met with on a dark night, but many of his other visions show us beings and things we cannot place or define.

These prints are made at our location in Seattle, WA. They have a thick, white backing board and are sealed in clear bags. Each is suitable for framing at 11 inches x 14 inches or can be used as is for wall display. Our goal is to bring back to life these wonderful illustrations from old-fashioned, children's books and from early advertising art.

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Arthur Rackham
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