Gyp Helps Himself to a Tea Time Treat

Gyp ate the rest of the bread and butter.
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Gyp ate the rest of the bread and butter.

Gyp is a rascally dog of uncertain breed who has his chance when left alone in the house. (Raiding the tea trolley was only one of his trouble-making activities.)

From Gyp's Hour of Bliss 1919.

Cecil Aldin (1870-1935) was a prolific English artist and illustrator. While living in London, he became friends with the Beggarstaff Brothers (William Nicholson and James Pryde), with John Hassall, Phil May and Dudley Hardy, and their influence on his work was great. Aldin, however, developed his own style and was particularly skillful at conveying the humor, love and antics of the dogs and other animal friends. He did a great deal of advertising work, including posters, for such companies as Bovril, Coleman and Cadbury's. Royal Doulton, the china manufacturer, produced about sixty items with Aldin's art between 1910 and 1939. The obituary in The London Times asserted that there never yet has been a painter of dogs fit to hold a candle to him.

Cecil Aldin has always been a favorite of ours here at Green Tiger Press, and we have laughed at his wonderful illustrations and reproduced many of them over the years.

Our blank notecards are custom printed at our location in Seattle, WA. They come bagged with an envelope. We love illustration art from old children's books and early, printed ephemera. These cards reflect this interest in bringing delightful art back to life.

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