Measuring the Giant Tree in Style

The modern viewer winces at the sight of the giant tree felled.

The modern viewer winces at the sight of the giant tree felled. But this advertisement was made in the 1920s and the family uses it as a background to show off their clothes that the advertisement assures us are 'as good as Father's.'

The illustrations in this series, made by Herbert Paus for the Hart Schaffner & Marx clothing company, demonstrate his bold and graphic style. They also convey a feeling for the mood and ambitions of the well-dressed man in the early 1920s.

Herbert Andrew Paus (1880-1946) was a noted American illustrator working in the first decades of the 20th century. He both created posters himself and supervised other artists to help the war effort during World War I. He also illustrated books and painted cover art for magazines such as Colliers, Ladies' Home Journal and Pictorial Review.

These prints are made at our location in Seattle, WA. They have a thick, white backing board and are sealed in clear bags. Each is suitable for framing at 11 inches x 14 inches or can be used as is for wall display. Our goal is to bring back to life these wonderful illustrations from old-fashioned, children's books and from early advertising art.

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Herbert Paus
Bagged w/ Backer Board

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