Birthday Music Quartet

This illustration by J.P.MIller

This illustration by J.P.MIller comes from a Little Golden Book entitled, "The Musicians of Bremen", 1954.

OUTSIDE GREETING:Happy Happy Birthday. We're all here to sing your praises!


We have long admired the Little Golden Books, and we feel that their tender, lighthearted images and sweet sentiments pair perfectly together as greeting cards.

In partnership with Random House Children’s Books, publisher of Little Golden Books and Diane Muldrow’s Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book, we’ve designed this line of greeting cards to convey our heartfelt good wishes to our loved ones, be they children or young-at-heart adults, on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary, or simply to write, “I’m thinking of you.”

Our cards honor the Little Golden Books tradition by reproducing their iconic gold band on the back of each card, and we include a gold envelope to further “golden” the message you send.

All of our cards are made in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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J.P. Miller
Bagged w/ Gold Envelope

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