Fabulous Fruits Postcard Box

Pomology is the science of fruit breeding and production.

Pomology is the science of fruit breeding and production.

The USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection is one of the most unique collections in the Rare and Special Collections of the National Agricultural Library (NAL). As a historic botanical resource, it documents new fruit and nut varieties, and specimens introduced by USDA plant explorers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The collection spans the years 1886 to 1942. The majority of the paintings were created between 1894 and 1916. Over the years, many artists were assigned to the project and their watercolors were used for lithographic reproductions in USDA publications and as scientific documentation of research results. Although some of the watercolor paintings are not signed, we know of 21 artists (nine of whom were women) who contributed to this important resource.

Our Vintage Botanicals: Fabulous Fruits Postcard Box contains 36 of these beautiful paintings on large format postcards. They are presented in a deluxe collectible box.

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