Ciao Bella Italy Travel Labels

Boxed Sticker Set

Twenty vintage travel labels that celebrate Bella Italia and its rich travel heritage.

Ah, Italy. Italy's legacy of classical antiquity, its astounding food, natural beauty, andof courseits art make this beautiful country one of the world's most popular travel destinations, a status it has held been for a very long time. Indeed, as long as three hundred years ago travelers included Italy on their Grand Tour itineraries. Travel labels were created around the middle of the 19th century, to identify trunks on ocean liners and direct them to their staterooms. Eventually the custom expanded to trains, hotels and eventually airplanes, and travel companies realized the labels' marketing potential. Travel labels are widely collected both for their design and historical interest. We've selected twenty vintage travel labels that celebrate Bella Italia and its travel heritage. Destinations include Palermo, Rome, Florence, Milan, Lake Como, Pallanza (in the Piedmont region) and Venice and more.

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