About Us

Our Products

Laughing Elephant produces greeting cards, notecards, books, paper gifts, reproductions of antique valentines, vintage luggage labels, our popular series of children's shaped books, notebooks and journals, and more.

Our products celebrate many subjects we hold dear such as children, family, friends, dogs, cats, babies, love, relationships, home, as well as spiritual and inspirational titles. We strive to capture the ideals of past times with imagery from antique postcards, late 19th and early 20th century children's books, vintage advertising and a wealth of other sources.

We began with the intention of showing the work of great and neglected illustrators and have since built a large library of images. These images are in myriad forms, though books are central to the collection. We have tens of thousands of things with pictures that please us: calendars, posters, labels, pamphlets, playing cards, bridge tallies, game boards, postcards, paper dolls, wallpaper, blotters, bookmarks, greeting cards, stickers, magazines, etc. We are a family business located in Seattle, Washington. One of our owners is Alexandra Day, creator of the bestselling Good Dog, Carl children’s book series. We see it as our mission - and our joy - to sort through this vast library, discover particularly fine images, and then develop ways to use them in our various publications.

an open drawer showing a large assortment of elephant matchbook labels

Our drawer of matchbook labels featuring elephants

Chev Darling looking at old books

Our designer, Chev Darling, getting inspiration from our library of illustrated books.

A History of Laughing Elephant

A Little History of the Laughing Elephant In 1969 Harold and Sandra Darling founded a company called Green Tiger Press because they wanted to share their love of old children's books with as wide an audience as possible. Harold and Sandra still run our company today and sharing beautifully illustrated books and paper products with our customers is still our focus. From its beginnings over forty years ago to the present day our company has undergone a number of changes; in 1986 the original Green Tiger name was sold to Simon & Schuster Publishing. In 1986 Harold and Sandra began Blue Lantern Studio to design and produce books for other publishers, and their seven children, now old enough to handle their growing collection of antiquarian books, began helping with the business. Among the books we created during these years, the popular Good Dog, Carl series of children's books and Cooper Edens’ If You’re Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow are probably the best known and most popular of our works. In 1992 our family started Laughing Elephant Publishing to produce and distribute gift books and paper products that capture the values of past times.

Good Dog Carl's birthday

A Good Dog Carl image we offer as a card and print.

Frog Happy Birthday card

This image, by John D. Batten, has been popular for 30 years.

Our Ideals

All of our products reflect our belief that values and ideals are enduring, and that the insights of past times are still valuable. We try to communicate these beliefs through our products with sincerity and truthfulness. We design our books and paper products to be visually stunning, imaginative and creative. Finally, we hope our products will help people communicate harmoniously with each other, and that they will represent the essential truths embodied in their subject matter.

Wooden signs on a wall

Some of our wooden signs assembled to decorate our meeting room.

Our Images

Almost all of the pictures we use in our books and gift products are antique. They come from old children's books, posters, calendars, paintings and postcards. This differentiates us from other publishers, who rely on commissioned artwork. We believe this gives our products a genuine nostalgia, and also allows us to mine a vast treasure trove of great art for our books and paper products. People who feel close to their heritage, value the works of the past one hundred years or so, or simply love imaginative art will enjoy our publications.

Open drawer of circus images

Our drawer of ephemera with circus images.

A bridge tally

An art deco bridge tally we are using for a new notecard project.


The design of everything we publish is important to us, and we spend much effort on type selection, image selection, making sure the colors are accurate and the paper is of high quality, and many other details of product creation and manufacture. We believe that craftsmanship is sometimes lost in the pursuit of profit, and while we know that not everyone will see that we worked hard to make the products just right, they will sense that they are dealing with a company that cares.

View of the LE studio with game boards

We love the design of old game boards; the bins are full of ideas for projects.

Laughing Elephant studio view with ephemera cases

A couple of our cases for ephemera, with a glimpse of some old type and design books.