Authors & Illustrators Born in January: A.A.Milne • January 18th,1882

Christopher Robin's Braces. Illustration by E.H. Shepard for an A.A.Milne story.

Alan Alexander Milne (1882-1956) is best known for his enduring tales of childhood, featuring his son, Christopher Robin, and the now-famous group of his stuffed animals. Winnie-the-Pooh, a stout bear of “very little brain” but a great heart, and his friends and neighbors in the Hundred Acre Wood, live in the hearts, and have enriched the lives, of generations of readers. Milne was a playwright before the Winnie-the-Pooh books rather overshadowed his work for the theater, though his adaptation for the stage in 1929 of The Wind in the Willows was a gratifying popular success. The choice of E.H. Shepard as an illustrator for the Pooh books was a felicitous one. Shepard studied the real toy animals which had inspired the characters, and they come to life for us under his skillful pen.

Pooh and Piglet walking, illustration by E.H.Shepard

Christopher Robin and Pooh heading upstairs, illustration by E.H, Shepard

"When Christopher had nailed it into place..." Drawing of Christopher Robin, Pooh and Eeyore, by E.H.Shepard