Authors & Illustrators Born in January: A.M. Cassandre • January 24th,1901

Poster of train wheels by A.M Cassandra

Adolphe Jean-Marie Cassandre (1901-1968) was a French painter, commercial poster artist, and typeface designer that helped define the early 20th century style. Cassandre’s work created a bridge between fine art and commercial art. He was a master of airbrushing techniques and created seamless artworks that were successful not only in Europe but also in the United States. Cassandre’s work demonstrates the sleek, architectonic styles of Art Deco. His works displayed futurist inspiration with their energy and dynamism.

The clever Dubonnet man was an icon the French wine industry for years and his posters of the magnificent steamship ‘Normandie’ grandly portrayed the spirit of the Golden Age of luxury travel, as did his masterful posters for the Wagons Lits.

Poster for Dubonnet, by A.M.Cassandre

Poster for the Normandie Steamship, by A.M.Cassandre

Poster for Wagons Lits, by A.M.Cassandre

Cassandre’s designs still inspire awe, and seem strikingly modern, spite of having been made 80 years ago.

Wine poster for Nicolas, by A.M.Cassandre (1938)

Container Corporation of America Advertisement by A.M.Cassandre

Cassandre was also a type designer of note, and many of the typefaces he designed, such as ‘Bifur’ (1929), have become classics.

"Bifur" Typeface, designed by A.M.Cassandra, 1929