Celebrate National Red Wine Day!

Today's the day to have wine with dinner (if you drink!) If not, I think grape juice counts.

The Connoisseur (Charles Martin's 1927 idea, anyway)

I'm not sure who decided that August 28th was National Red Wine Day, but if you're an enthusiast yourself, these will amuse you, and it would be fun to pass this series of cartoons by Charles Martin along to a wine fancier friend. Martin does a good job of capturing the wine connoisseur spirit.

These pictures are reproduced from a book first published in France in 1927, entitled "Monseigneur le Vin." Charles Martin (1884-1934) was a prolific designer and illustrator, producing more than 20 books. His style here is a most sophisticated version of the cartoon, and captures wine connoisseurship with humor and truth.

Extract the Cork Slowly

Smell the Cork

Pour carefully

Pleasure to the Eyes

Pleasure to the Nose

Prepare Yourself Mentally

The First Delicious Sip