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This Jean-Gabriel Domergue-illustrated beauty is dressed in her finest attire for a glamorous night out on the town. It was made for the most glamorous night of all—"Réveillon du Corset" signifies it is a New Year's Eve corset. As a greeting card with a blank interior, it's suitable for any occasion throughout the year! See our entire Fashion & Beauty Collection!

Jean-Gabriel Domergue (1889-1962) was a renowned French painter and self-proclaimed "inventor of the pin-up." With his elegant portrayals of women featuring long necks, he created a distinct artistic style. Domergue's vibrant social life brought him close to high society, where he organized grand balls and designed fashion accessories. His exquisite poster art perfectly captured the opulence and luxury of the upper class. In recognition of his talent, he became the curator of the Jacquemart-Andre Museum in Paris and a fellow of the Academy of Fine Arts. He is thought to have produced some three thousand paintings throughout his career!

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Jean-Gabriel Domergue

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A6 (4.5" X 6.25") with Envelope