Victorian Valentine Postcard Book - 30 Unique Vintage Postcards

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30 unique designs in a tear-out book, each with a vintage postcard back with a dividing line and stamp box

In the enchanting postcards of the late Victorians, we witness the era's preferences in both love and design. The imagery within the this postcard book is predominantly formal, reflecting the Victorians' belief that love was a solemn affair. The depictions include beautiful women, well-groomed children, and classical symbols of February 14th, such as cherubs, ornate hearts, and an abundance of exquisite flowers. This universe is intricately adorned, featuring baroque typography, an abundance of bows and ribbons, and occasional touches of lace. The fusion of Valentine's Day and Victoriana is so harmonious that much of what we recognize as traditional Valentine's Day imagery finds its origin in the Victorian era. See our entire Valentine's Day Collection!

The Golden Age of Postcards, spanning from spanning from the 1890s until World War I, witnessed an extraordinary surge in postcard collecting. This era saw the production, sale, and mailing of millions of postcards, and people acquired them simply for the sheer joy of ownership. These cherished cards found their place in carefully preserved albums or were exchanged among friends and family with the anticipation of receiving equally delightful ones in return. Essentially, postcards served as an affordable source of entertainment in nearly every American household. Visitors often marveled at the opulent postcard albums gracing parlors, living rooms, and sun porches. Beyond mere communication, picture postcards offered a vivid snapshot of American life, particularly during the initial decades of the 20th century. They were designed for every conceivable occasion, with a special emphasis on holidays!

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Product Specs

6.5" X 4.75", 30 Postcards, Softbound