A Valentine for a Friend? - Valentine's Day Greeting Card

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This Valentine's Day card breaks the mold with a unique message, as a determined little girl uses the occasion to convey more than just affection. Is it the perfect card for a frenemy, or could it play a surprising role in a friends-to-lovers scenario? The fiery emotion captured by Robert O. Reid in this illustration, featured on the cover of the February 16, 1935 edition of Collier's, adds an unexpected twist to the traditional Valentine's sentiment. See our entire Valentine's Day Collection! 

Robert O. Reid, an American artist active from the 1920s to the 1940s, is a bit of a mystery in the art world. Despite a prolific and distinctive body of work, little is known about his life. A search for his name reveals a captivating collection of quirky illustrated magazine covers and ads, showcasing his unique style. His art gained recognition in the popular general-interest magazine Collier's, with an impressive portfolio of at least 35 covers and 40 stories. Reid's prolific output adds to the mystery surrounding his relatively unknown personal history, but his artistic legacy endures!

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Robert O. Reid

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