Coloring Books and Cards

The story behind Laughing Elephant's decision to make our new coloring books and coloring cards.

We at Laughing Elephant are always in favor of people being excited by art and creativity, so we viewed the current enthusiasm for coloring books as a welcome chance to offer images that were not only colorable but something a little different.

Inspirations from Nature

The anatomical illustrations of flora and sea fauna that the naturalist and artist Ernst Haeckel made in the 19th century are fascinating and very beautiful. We thought they would offer a rather different challenge for the colorist from anything we saw on the market. They were a challenge for us to render into a form that could be colored.

The original Haeckel illustration

Our colorable version.

Fantastic Women

We chose from the black and white images that Don Blanding made for his very popular poetic musings a series of exotic ladies notable for their design and intricacy. Our art director had fun coloring one of them for the cover.

A hand colored image of a helmeted woman

The one we colored

A black and white version of a helmeted woman

The version for you to color

Share your masterpiece with a friend

We thought that coloring enthusiasts would like to be able to share their works of art, so we also offer both these series as Cards to Color, with envelopes to send them to friends and relatives.

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