Laughing Elephant's products, which feature vintage images, can bring something special to your celebration and also make exceptional gifts.

The images featured on our products come from our huge library of books and ephemera, many of which are over 100 years old. Most of these images are rare and seldom seen. Take a look and see if there's anything you like!


Stickers are one of our most popular products. These sticker boxes are fun for kids and provide a touch of Spring or Easter anywhere. They're great for scrapbooks, crafts, and just adding a special touch to everyday items to celebrate the season.

Our Easter Rabbit stickers feature Easter bunnies collecting and delivering eggs, dancing, and playing musical instruments. These stickers include some of our most popular vintage Easter images along with some we've never published before.

The Butterfly Box features some of the most colorful and traditionally beautiful stickers we've ever made. This cohesive collection of stickers focuses on the beauty of our Victorian-era butterfly images.

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Postcard Books

We love to celebrate traditions at Laughing Elephant. A postcard challenges your creative energy to write an effective message in its limited space. A postcard is the original Twitter, and the printed image is so much better!

Writing postcard messages is enjoyable and a postcard is an unexpected gift to its recipient. When was the last time you received a postcard? Wouldn't it be nice to receive a postcard in the mail today? Our Easter Rabbit Postcard Book contain 30 different pieces of Easter postcard art featuring vintage images to help you bring unexpected happiness into the lives of those close to you, or maybe those far away.

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Children's Books

Our books are chosen and designed to help create special moments for the children in your life. As adults we can see them as works of art, but a child sees them as a fantasy of images, colors and story.

Books create the fond memories of childhood that we all treasure and hope to be able to provide to the adults of tomorrow. Give one to someone special, keep them around for when loved ones visit, or just collect them. Sharing them helps create great adulthood memories, too.

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Easter Greeting Cards

Our Easter greeting cards with vintage images are warmly memorable, colorful, and stylish.

A greeting card reinforces an emotion or a relationship with someone you care about. Laughing Elephant greeting cards, because of their greater authenticity, are more interesting than most other cards, and people notice. They're an outstanding way to say you care and show your discriminating taste. Also, since they are essentially little art prints, they frame beautifully, making them a lasting gift.

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