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Discover our beloved Books & Readers Collection, a haven of greeting cards and art prints that honor the lifelong joy of reading.

It's the perfect time of year to cozy up with a good book—a fusion of literature and art awaits you!

🍁 Autumn Is in the Air! 🍂

While fall isn't traditionally associated with greeting cards, we're passionate advocates of sending cards for any occasion, a timeless tradition that hearkens back to the Edwardians and Victorians! Join us in celebrating the arrival of autumn and the cherished art of handwritten notes.

Happy Birthday to Alexandra Day!

Join us in celebrating the birthday month of our friend and founder, Alexandra Day! We're honored to offer her remarkable cards, prints, and books—and guess what? We've even got Alexandra and Carl's signatures on prints and books, exclusively for you!

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Card of the Week

This charming girl, carrying the beauty of fall foliage, graced the October 1926 cover of Good Housekeeping. Part of Jessie Willcox Smith's impressive collection of nearly 200 magazine covers, it's now among our top seasonal bestsellers, an ideal choice for an autumn birthday celebration!

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As the autumnal equinox approaches on the 22nd, we're already feeling the cozy vibes of fall here in Seattle, WA! Join us in celebrating this magical season the best way we know how: through the captivating lens of vintage illustration! Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite's fairies, unearth timeless postcard art, and don't miss the captivating WPA poster art tailored for this season – it's a treasure trove of century-old artistic wonders waiting to be explored.

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We are Laughing Elephant, a greeting card and gift company founded in 1969. Our warehouse and retail store are located in Seattle, Washington, and we are the keepers of one of the largest libraries of illustrated books and ephemera in the United States. From this library, we draw inspiration and images that become the source material for all our offerings. We curate our collections with the goal of sharing beautiful images with the world. 

We celebrate the golden age of design, when artists and illustrators were an integral part of advertisements and merchandising. Their beautiful, hand drawn images inspire us to make gifts and cards you will love.