Marie Angel – Calligrapher Extraordinaire

What an amazing artist and calligrapher!

A detail of a Marie Angel painting

Marie Angel was a British calligrapher and illuminator of exceptional talent. Her works have been shown at the Royal Academy in London and the Society of Designer Craftsmen and in solo exhibitions in America. Both the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Harvard Library hold examples of her work.

After admiring her work for years, we visited her in her English cottage and persuaded her to create a line of cards for us, illuminating her lettering of some inspirational quotations with her beautiful paintings to suit the words.

I have chosen to show details of the paintings because I want you to appreciate the amazing fine precision of her work. That squirrel looks like he's warning you personally to leave his blackberry alone! And the apple blossom looks like you could pick it off the page.

Apple blossom painting by Marie Angel

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