Reunited and it Feels So Good! Laughing Elephant & Green Tiger Press join together!

To our valued customers...

Green Tiger Press and Laughing Elephant are back together. The website of Green Tiger Press, Laughing Elephant’s sister imprint, is now combined with Laughing Elephant’s website. Green Tiger’s focus was on on-demand (print to order) products and prints, while Laughing Elephant’s has been on books, stickers, journals, and a curated selection of greeting cards both packaged and individual. We have now combined these two sites. That means laughingelephant.com now has nearly 3000 new products, including prints, wooden signs and greeting cards! All of our products are now in one convenient location, and that means Green Tiger Press's collection of over 3000 vintage images, most available as both cards and prints, is ready to explore and enjoy along with all our familiar Laughing Elephant books, stickers, notebooks and etc.

Did you know that the illustrator Alexandra Day, creator of the popular Good Dog, Carl series of children’s books, is one of our founders and owners? In addition to her wonderful daily creative input, this means we can offer signed Good Dog Carl books as well as Carl greeting cards and prints that are exclusive to Laughing Elephant.

See all our wonderful Good Dog, Carl products here >

Another delightful area of our website is that featuring images of children. We have subdivided it into sections for boys, girls, and children in general. As many of you may know, most of our images derive from vintage children’s books, and thus it makes sense that we feature many images of children in all of our products, throughout our website. But more than that, it is the spirit of children, their wonder, and innocence, that inspires much of what we do. The children section of our website features them at play, at leisure, having adventures, enjoying nature, and much more.

Please enjoy some wonderful images of children here >

Our website is a treasure trove, full of gems waiting to be discovered. But might we suggest a few highlights, or, to be perfectly frank, some of our favorites? Our Shakespeare offerings highlight beautiful and fascinating images depicting scenes from Shakespeare’s plays and poetry, largely from the 18th and 19th century.

Many delightful Shakespeare images >

An invention of our other founder–Harold Darling–Weird and Wonderful– is a grouping of images and products that rather defies categorization. They are indeed weird, or odd, or puzzling, but also delightful, amusing and intriguing. Before what we might arguably term the sanitization of literature for children, the strange and delightful inventions of many creative minds survived and thrived in the world of publishing. People turned into objects, animals turned into people, strange conveyances, and animals of uncertain origin; such things merely scratch the surface of Weird and Wonderful.

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