We have a vast collection of labels, decals, stickers, and ephemera from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. We have used this collection as a resource and made boxes of travel stickers, holiday stickers, stickers for everyday use.

Vintage labels are evocative of far places and past times, which in part accounts for our enduring interest in them. We are often asked how are labels are used and the answer to this question is a list which happily continues to grow with the creativity of our customers:

Scrapbooking, Gift Wrapping, Snowboards, Luggage, Envelopes, Lampshades, Decoupage, School Projects, Hatboxes, Folders, Canisters, Spice Jars, Storage Boxes, Book Plates, Greeting Cards, Instrument Cases.

Vintage Stickers Over 30 Styles to Choose From!

With so many styles & possible uses, you're sure to find a set for yourself, or anyone in your life!

Stickers are one of our most popular products. These sticker boxes are fun for kids of all ages, and can provide a touch of Vintage Style anywhere they are displayed.

They're great for Scrapbooking, Gift-Wrap, Crafters... Or just adding that special touch to everyday items.

Browse all of our Collections of Stickers featuring Vintage Images from our Library

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