The Animal-Painting Genius of G.H. Thompson

Some pictures and a few words about the artist of "The Animals' Touring Club"
A group of dressed animals on a boat on the Rhine river

The cover of a wonderful example of G.H. Thompson's anthropomorphic animal books.

G.H. Thompson (1853-1933) created, in his picture books, a world of humanized animals which stand high even in and era rich with such creations.

A group of dressed animals at a German street fair.

At this point in their tour the animals are enjoying buying souvenirs at a German street fair.

In his pictures, Thompson pictures bears, giraffes, lions, dogs, cats and more who all dress and act as humans, and mixed together, enjoy life enormously. We see them at picnics, boating excursions, sightseeing tours, parties and otherwise vigorously disporting themselves. His world is so convincing that the viewer is irresistibly drawn into the merriment.

Dressed animals disembarking from a ship.

These animals are apparently of sufficient social status to merit reporters covering their arrival in America (they have come from 'Animal Land'.)

A detail of dressed animals in a boat

A detail of the illustration of the animals in a boat on the Rhine.

I hope you've noticed the beautiful color in this book. It's printed by chomolithography. The picture on the right is a close-up; trying to show the dense and brilliant color, as well as subtle colors, they was achievable by that means of printing. In this book they seem to be using some kind of dot system on top of the lithography.