The Elephant's Trunk

The newsletter of the comings and goings at the Laughing Elephant

A Little More About the Newsletter

As we enter (okay it's April now, but still...) our 25th year as Laughing Elephant, and our Fifty-something year since our parents, Harold and Sandra Darling, began Green Tiger Press, we feel the need to get down on paper (pixels) some of our experience in collecting and publishing vintage imagery, our great appreciation of children's book art and our belief in..., well, belief!

As Chev and I, with the help and guidance of our Mother, Sandra, carry on after Harold's passing in 2016, we feel incredibly grateful and blessed to have grown up in a family business that was so much fun, and to have been involved from an early age in the collecting of so many wonderful images and the re-producing of those images as products, for us life was a 'Hallmark Card' only much more tasteful.

With that in mind, and feeling a little more nostalgic than usual, we would like to share with you the history and facets of our quite amazing (if we do say so ourselves) book and paper ephemera collection, and the fabulous world of vintage in general, also a little about our family and how we go here - all in a series of occasional newsletters, some edited by me, some by Chev, some by Sandra, and even some guest editors. We hope they will be, at the very least, entertaining.

Benjamin Darling Seattle, April 2017