Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of our busiest holidays. Maybe it's because our products are unusual and fun. Maybe it's because, like our products, Valentine's Day is a vintage holiday. It's not just about the love we have today, it's a celebration of the love we remember fondly.

This page is a showcase of delightful items that we hope will help make your Valentine's Day special.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Laughing Elephant!

Vintage Valentine Packs

These packs of die-cut cards are some of our most popular products. People love them so much they've sold out in previous years. Now we make extra to be sure we have plenty on hand. These unique cards surprise and delight their receivers.

When you look at the pages linked below for each of the packs, you'll see images of the individual cards. They are all classic vintage Laughing Elephant and not one is duplicated, even between packs, so you can give a unique card to each of the loves in your life.

They make great decorations and kids love them. Send your child to school with valentines the other kids won't have. They are an excellent addition to a scrapbook or a craft project. At less than a dollar for each card, they are a super deal!

Jumbo Deluxe Valentines

Our products share images taken from our immense library of books and ephemera some of which are over 100 years old. The quality and uniqueness of these images makes it nice to display and celebrate their art.

Framing our cards is a quick and easy way add some art to your environment, so with our deluxe Valentines we made the card display itself! These giant cards make a great gift and have a built in stand so that you can enjoy them. The gold envelope can be used as a base for the card.

These Valentine's have that little (or big) something extra that makes them unique and memorable. We hope they will help make your Valentine's Day special and your home a little brighter!

Valentine Postcards

All of our holiday postcards are very popular. Our two postcard books each contain 30 pieces of beautiful vintage art to send 30 special messages.

And now we have a Deluxe Box with a selection of 36 beautiful Valentine postcards!

Receiving one of these postcards in the mail lets someone know that you took some extra time when thinking about them. Received postcards are saved and remembered. It's always a creative challenge to take the limited area of a postcard and turn it into an entertaining message, but, of course, "I love You" or just "Thinking of you" is always a welcome message!

Valentine's Day Sticker Boxes

People around the world love our stickers. We've made exclusive deals with companies from other countries to produce special sets of them. Our vintage inspired stickers take people back to a special time and place. They help add a bit of nostalgia and an artistic flair to any object.

Our Valentine stickers are fun for just about any use. Add them to an envelope or inside a card to add a special touch. Use them as envelope seals or as a surprise holiday message on everyday correspondence or documents to brighten someone's day.

If you take a look at the pages linked below you will see the different stickers included in each box. Ranging from wacky to touching, they can help express any emotion. Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love, and our stickers can cheer up any message. Oh, also, kids love stickers. Just sayin'.

Individual Valentines

In addition to these boxes, we have many, many, many Valentine Greeting cards; some die-cut, with images taken from a wide variety of styles and periods.

Here's a small sampling of what we have to offer...

View All of Our Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

Valentine's Day Books

Well, you could say books are our passion. We have special rooms and curtained shelves and fire protection systems just to hold and preserve our growing library. We love the internet, but like our customers, we still love books too. We have two Valentine books that we think you're going to appreciate.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart is a casual and romantic shape book with the lyrics to the classic song (featured on Downton Abbey– we think alike) accompanying many vintage images from our library. It's a touching gift and, like most of our products, makes a great piece of interactive art to display.

I Love You is a 48 page illustrated book featuring classic and beautiful love poetry. It comes in a thoughtfully designed custom box and makes a great gift or just a nice addition to your coffee table or library. It's a book that's intended to be shared and enjoyed throughout the years.

Giving books like these as a gift, especially during a special event or holiday, provides a lasting and living memory of a moment. The book becomes a treasured reminder of a happy time.

Take a peek at the links below to learn more about these special books.