Traveling Easter Rabbits - Easter Greeting Card
There's certainly a lot going on this turn-of-the-century postcard image—see it on a greeting card here!
A lesser-known Easter Bunny fact: he employs many modes of transportation for egg deliveries! It's a big job to move that volume of Easter eggs, so he needs all the tools and help from friends he can get. Within our Easter Collection of vintage illustrations, we see him traveling...

By Foot!

Magic Easter Rabbit - Easter Greeting Card
No surprise here. Hopping along is the way we imagine the Easter Bunny. This fancy one, created by Michael Hague, has employed a suitcase—see this on a greeting card here!

By Wagon!

Easter Rabbit Driving Wagon Filled With Eggs - Easter Greeting Card
The use of baby chicks to pull said wagon is something you can only find on turn-of-the-century postcards—see this on a greeting card here!

 By Motorcycle!

Biker Bunny - Easter Greeting Card
This cool dude and his duck friend have a need for speed... to deliver eggs quickly—see this on a greeting card here!

By Car!

Bunnies on a Sunday Drive - Easter Greeting Card
Also on wheels are these bunnies taking their cute, fuzzy friends for a drive in their stylish lavender car—see this on a greeting card here!

By Boat!

Easter Rabbit Box - Easter Greeting Cards 
Row, row, row your egg boat—see this card within our Easter Rabbit Greeting Cards Box here!

By Bicycle!

Joyful Easter Postcard Box - 36 Unique Vintage Postcards
This long-legged fellow skillfully manages a bicycle on this vintage German postcard image—see this postcard within our Joyful Easter Postcard Box here!

By Train!

Joyful Easter Postcard Box - 36 Unique Vintage Postcards
The proportions of this one are a little questionable, but speaking from experience, it's a great postcard to send to a train-obsessed kid—see this postcard within our Joyful Easter Postcard Box here!

Bonus: A Chicken on a Bicycle!

 Chicken Hauling Eggs - Easter Greeting Card
Do you suppose she is making a delivery to the Easter Bunny himself, or is she lending a hand (a wing?) in the deliveries? See this on a greeting card here!

Another Bonus: A Chick on a Sheep!

Chick Riding Sheep - Easter Greeting Card
Perhaps our silliest Easter card is this fancy little lady catching a ride atop an ovine friend—see this on a greeting card here!
These vintage illustrations prove that you can rest assured your eggs will arrive in a timely manner! If you're planning to send Easter cards, note that the holiday falls on March 31st this year. Explore our entire collection featuring postcards, greeting cards, boxed sets for large numbers of recipients, as well as stickers and art prints for retro-inspired decoration!

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February 29, 2024 — Allison Frey

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