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Summer Season Is Birthday Season!

And with over 250 greeting cards to choose from Laughing Elephant has a cool, fun, fresh birthday card for everyone on your list.

From Mom, to Junior to Aunt Maisie, Laughing Elephant greeting cards come in all varieties and moods, but all are sincere, beautifully illustrated and of the highest quality.

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Also Offering Our Customers

The Premium Gifts Have been upgraded for Summer!

Spend $30 and a Hello Darling Notebook will be included FREE of charge.

Spend $50 and you'll get FREE Shipping & a Complimentary Hello Darling Notebook.

Spend $100 and you will get the Vintage Notebook, Free Shipping...

AND A Color Your Life Sticker Box!

One hundred and forty-four color-themed blank labels to help organize & beautify your everyday life.

Let's Have Some Summer Fun Laughing Elephant Style!

We have great products to bring on a vacation or simply enjoy on the long summer days! Summer is an Ideal time for children & adults to share activities! These books, notebooks and stickers are ideal for the child who needs and wants a project to do, either alone or with an adult.

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Welcome Summer!

Children are out of school and have more time to hone their reading skills on the road to becoming lifelong readers; adult readers embark on all those books they have been meaning to get to...

Laughing Elephant has classic story books, books with entertaining projects and skills to master, and books to simply celebrate the season.

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You Are Going to Love Our Newest Line Expressing Gratitude With Beautiful Foil Greeting Cards

We're sure you'll will want to share these messages of hope, encouragement, and thanks with many of your friends and family.

So... We Have Extended the Two-for-One Sale for One More Day Only!

Order any Greeting Card through June 18th and you'll automatically get a second copy of that card for FREE!

Simply place a card (or two, or four) in your shopping cart and check out, and we will automatically double the cards you receive... Nothing further to do and no promotion code required!

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Learn Everything You Need To Know From Led Zeppelin Through Words & Whimsical Pictures!

Best-Seller – Everything I Need to Know I learned From Led Zeppelin, uses the iconic lyrics and select quotes from the band members of the greatest rock and roll band of all time to instruct, uplift and Led-ucate the reader on life’s timeless questions.

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Fairy Tale Classics In Brand-New Deluxe Editions

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty both find their Princes and live happily ever after in these beautiful vintage reproductions of classic fairy tales, both illustrated by the great John Hassall.

And to earn their deluxe status, we have added brilliant foil details to the covers for an even more striking impression!... We think you will love the new look!

These elegant shaped books are specially designed to introduce these classic fairy tales to the young child. Add them to your collection now!

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Our NEW Book Title A Field-Guide to Well-Dressed Animals Explores the Dressed Animal Kingdom in a New Book!

From Alligators in suits through to Zebras in blazers, and all the dapper dogs and cool looking cats in between, A Field-Guide to Well-Dressed Animals is the first in Laughing Elephant's whimiscal and attractive Field Guide series of books of serious looks at imaginative subjects.

Can't get enough Dressed-Animals in your life?...

Also available are the Well-Dressed Animals Deluxe Sticker Box!... 124 individual Vintage Die-Cut Stickers in a keepsake box, featuring all manner of animals dressed beautifully!

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Well Dressed Animals Deluxe Sticker Box

Fantastically, and stylishly, well-dressed, coiffed and be-hatted animals sure to provide lots of fun to use.

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Deluxe Sticker Sets Beautifully Presented in a Deluxe Box

Each set contains 166 stickers in a variety of sizes and shapes... All lovingly made here in Seattle!

COLOR THEORY: Rainbows, color wheels, prisms and other beautiful color-centric images on stickers you'll want to use on everything.

EVERYDAY: Colorful labels for home and office labeling, marking and decorating.

WELL-DRESSED ANIMALS: Fantastically, and stylishly, well-dressed, coiffed and be-hatted animals sure to provide lots of fun to use.

SKATE-O-RAMA: Super roller skating stickers from the mid 20th century.

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Get Your Kicks with 30 Fabulous Stickers Celebrating America’s Legendary Route 66!

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You're Home For Exclusive Carl Products

Did you know that Alexandra Day, author of the classic Good Dog Carl series of beloved children's books, is the pen name of our own Sandra Darling?

Get Exclusive Signed Carl Art Prints, Books & Greeting Cards Here!

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Capture Your Creativity in Style!

At 20 pages, Our Slim & Elegant Notebooks are the Perfect Companion to Your Creative Projects!

Capture Your Flights of Imagination, Memoirs, Lists and Loves in Our Hello Darling Notebooks... Illustrated With Classic Children's Book Art.

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Spring Cleaning?

Dust it,Wash it, Polish it, and give it a cheery new look with our Color Your Life Sticker Set & Everyday Deluxe Sticker Set.

Great for spice jars, file folders, check lists, drawers, boxes and containers of all kinds, and so much more...

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Twenty-Nine Beautiful Butterflies For Under Ten Dollars!

Our Butterfly Box set of twenty-nine beautiful die-cut butterflies, selected from our archive of Victorian paper, beautifully answers the call.

The Butterfly Box celebrates these beautiful, delicate creatures of the animal kingdom, their spectacular colors and their amazing variety.

Perfect for scrapbooking, nature lovers, students, gift wrapping, or anyone that just appreciates a bit of beauty!

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Laughing Elephant is pleased to be partnering with Hooligan Ruth!

The Enthusiast is the new, fresh and funny greeting card line, and Hooligan Ruth is one of their featured artists. Hooligan Ruth takes odd bits of vintage imagery and paper objects (such as an old matchbox label, a paper bag or a fortune cookie fortune) and reimagines them as slightly quirky but very apt greeting cards for friends and family to share....

Check them out now and there will be more in Fall of this year!

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Art Deco Ladies Luxurious Die-Cut Cards

These beautiful cards were created in the 1920s and '30s when ladies' bridge parties were all the rage.

We just adored them!... And knew they were the perfect inspiration for a new line of unique Greeting Cards.

We have reproduced them as they were originally: die-cut and embellished with gold foil. We provide a dark card with a deco pattern which makes an ideal background to frame or otherwise display the image, and a decorative envelope so that one of these lovely cards can be shared with a friend!

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We are proud to announce our newest book Happiness A tribute to all things joyful!

Our new book Happiness is, as the song has it, sunshine on a cloudy day. It is a collection of words and images that will bring a smile and, we think, the perfect gift book. Get one for yourself and one for someone special.

Hardbound with dust jacket • 48 pages

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We are proud to announce our newest book Vintage Costume Inspirations Featuring the costumes of your dreams!

The images in this book are from European costume catalogs of the mid-twentieth century. We adore them for their imaginative variety and inspirational potential. Any object can be a costume! The manner in which the costumed figures are juxtaposed on the page is whimsical, useful and delightfully inspiring! At Halloween, it seems the same tired costumes are trotted out year after year. This book, in its freshness and wild notions, offers you entirely new concepts that will lead your original thinking when the time comes to fashion your own, super wonderful costume for this year's festivities! Of course, there are too many good ones here to do in just one year, so you will have a treasure of inspiration, in these pages for many, many years to come.

These costume ideas and designs will inspire the seasoned costume seeker, the fantastic costume dreamer, and anyone else with imagination, to put their wildest or most beautiful costume dreams to action! And soon, you will attend balls, parties, compete in costume contests–or perhaps merely walk the streets–in the guise of ladybugs, atomic bombs, a donut, a high tension wire, or a box of chocolates, or so much more.

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We are delighted to announce the arrival of Jack and the Beanstalk & The Doggy Book!

Our shaped children’s books have proven so popular over the years that they now number over thirty! The two newest are worthy additions to this delightful array of colorful, lighthearted vintage-inspired books, still less than ten dollars. These die-cut books–whether in the shape of a bunny or cat’s ears, Red Riding Hood’s hood or Snow White’s castle–delight children and adults with their accessible stories and beautiful vintage illustrations.

Jack and the Beanstalk

The classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, like all the iconic stories, exists in many variations but has a few common elements, in this case an irresponsible boy, a giant, a beanstalk and magical golden egg laying bird. This book, sixteen pages in length, is a wonderful introduction to the tale for an early reader and is accompanied by the beautiful 1939 illustrations of American artist Milo Winter. Winter, one of our favorites here at Laughing Elephant, is an often overlooked illustrator who brought wit and verve to a great many books.

16 pages

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The Doggy Book

The Doggy Book is a whimsical gathering of illustrations of dogs dressed up in fancy clothes. These wonderful images are accompanied by lighthearted verse, the central being a tale of a dog family who takes a promenade, encounters a hostile cat and a mud puddle, but has a happy ending. The dogs sport tuxedos and kilts and are entirely delightful.

16 pages

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We are Delighted to Announce the Arrival Mermaids & Dragons Our Two Newest Book Titles!

Dragons and Mermaids both celebrate beings that do not exist in nature, but have captured and inspired the imaginations of artists for generations. These books, at forty-eight pages in length, celebrate their magical subjects through illustrations from a wide variety of sources. Carefully selected quotes and original text help us to appreciate these beloved mythical creatures and the artistry they have inspired throughout history.


Mermaids are timeless and know no national or geographical boundaries. They are complex creatures, sometimes viewed as sirens tempting sailors to their death, and at other times as helpful saviors. But always, they are beautiful. Our book Mermaids, through images from sources that include paintings and illustrations from vintage children’s books, celebrates the beauty of mermaids and explores their multiple and mysterious facets. The images are accompanied by fitting quotes and text.

Hardbound • 48 Pages

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Dragons figure prominently in both European and Asian mythology and culture. These magnificent creatures are sometimes reptilian, sometimes more birdlike, but always fearsome to behold. Our book Dragons explores the fascinating traditions surrounding the dragon, from ancient to modern times. Glorious illustrations of these fire-breathing beasts are accompanied by wonderful dragon quotations.

Hardbound • 48 Pages

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