HELLO DARLING NOTEBOOKS are elegantly banded 20 page notebooks featuring classic illustrations from children's picture books and other vintage sources. For this series we have selected our most popular and beloved images of children and animals.
Eight whimsical and beautiful designs
Frog Doffing His Hat – In the beloved Wizard of Oz  series of children's books,  illustrator John R. Neill created this delightfully dapper frog in 1915.
Dogs Running  with a Balloon – These playful fox terriers,  exuberantly chasing their red balloon, bring joy & whimsy to this notebook.  Illustrated by magazine illustrator, Warren Davis.
Little Girl Holding  Black Kittens – This adorable little girl, holding her pair of kittens is sure to delight.  Created by prolific English illustrator  Margaret Mary Tempest. Best known for her illustrations of the Little Grey Rabbit series by Alison Uttley.
Rabbit Looking – American painter, Frank S. Guild, created this curious rabbit for the cover of a 1905 magazine.
Girl Talking with Her Cat – Beloved children's book illustrator, Honor Appleton, painted this watercolor depicting the delicate relationship between cats and their humans in 1924.   Appleton is best known for her illustrations  of the Josephine books by Mrs. Henry Craddock.
Roller Skating Girl – This exhuberant little girl captures the joy of childhood, which may expain why this is one of our most popular images. Sarah Stilwell Weber, a student of Howard Pyle, illustrated for books & magazines in the early 20th century.
Girl Sitting in Tree Reading to Birds – Molly Benatar’s charming image of a red-headed girl reading to a gathering of birds in a tree is both beautiful and most appropriate for this notebook.
Cat Blowing Bubbles – Cats love their pipes,  as long as they make bubbles!  This image originally adorned a vintage mid-century matchbox label. At the time of their creation, matchbox labels were seen as disposable, but in retrospect we appreciate their striking graphics & design.
Easter Rabbit Postcard Book. We know that the Easter Rabbit is a very busy fellow on Easter morning, but few consider his schedule the rest of the year. These thirty vintage postcards, carefully chosen from The Laughing Elephant's large collection, depict the Easter Rabbit in a wide variety of activities including dyeing eggs, interacting with children and engaged in leisure activities, such as photography, music and baseball. Delivery of eggs via cart, boat and bicycle is featured prominently.