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We are proud to announce our newest book Vintage Costume Inspirations featuring the costumes of your dreams!

The images in this book are from European costume catalogs of the mid-twentieth century. We adore them for their imaginative variety and inspirational potential. Any object can be a costume! The manner in which the costumed figures are juxtaposed on the page is whimsical, useful and delightfully inspiring! At Halloween, it seems the same tired costumes are trotted out year after year. This book, in its freshness and wild notions, offers you entirely new concepts that will lead your original thinking when the time comes to fashion your own, super wonderful costume for this year's festivities! Of course, there are too many good ones here to do in just one year, so you will have a treasure of inspiration, in these pages for many, many years to come.

These costume ideas and designs will inspire the seasoned costume seeker, the fantastic costume dreamer, and anyone else with imagination, to put their wildest or most beautiful costume dreams to action! And soon, you will attend balls, parties, compete in costume contests–or perhaps merely walk the streets–in the guise of ladybugs, atomic bombs, a donut, a high tension wire, or a box of chocolates, or so much more.

Exclusive Bonus Offer

We have created two 8” x 10” art prints to decorate your home or office. Designed from our favorite pages of Vintage Costume Inspirations, we will include both FREE of charge with each copy you purchase. They are not available elsewhere ​or for separate purchase. So snap up this amazing new book, and its fabulous accompanying prints now.

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Starting This Month Introducing Gold Label Greeting Cards!

We are excited to announce our latest card line, a new monthly series, the ultra deluxe Gold Label Greeting Cards. With each month, we will introduce a dazzling, uniquely selected illustration to feature on the latest card. The current month's Gold Label card will be included at no cost with any order of $30 or greater. They are also available to purchase for $7 each.

Gold Label Greeting Cards were created to feature dearly prized designs from our antiquarian collection, that we have been yearning to share with the world, but have yet to find the right spot. We determined to these extraordinarily beautiful, artful images justice, so we made them their own line!

Each month’s featured card image is hand mounted onto the card adding a three dimensional element to the beauty of the imagery. They each are accompanied by a lovely, dense, dark gold envelope.

Click on the link to learn even more details about our wonderful new premium card line and see this month’s featured card, Art Nouveau Peacock!

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Good Dog Carl and the Baby Elephant

The newest Carl book has just arrived! The beloved baby-sitting Rottweiler has a baby elephant as well as his little mistress, Madeleine, to shepherd around this time. A baby elephant can be a good deal of trouble, it turns out, in spite of being very cute.

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Books & Readers Greeting Cards

Summer is a great time to do more reading. Children are out of school and have more time to hone their reading skills on the road to becoming lifelong readers; adult readers embark on all those books they have been meaning to get to.

Send one of our lovely card images, or buy a child a book to celebrate and encourage this wonderful occupation.

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