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Laughing Elephant’s hometown of Seattle, Washington is a city that is often associated with coffee, grunge music, and rainy weather. But many people don't know that it is also a city with a vibrant literary scene! It was named one of two American Cities of Literature by UNESCO in 2017—the honor is bestowed on cities that have a strong literary culture and promote literature and reading through initiatives such as public libraries, bookstores, and literary festivals. And if you're looking for a way to immerse yourself in Seattle's literary world, then Seattle Independent Bookstore Day (SIBD) is the perfect event for you!


Can’t make it to SIBD in person? No worries—you can celebrate an independent book-loving business right from the comfort of your home! At Laughing Elephant, we offer a variety of products that celebrate the act of reading! Let's take you on a tour of our small corner of and contributions to the Seattle literary scene…


Created in partnership with the New York Public Library our Virginia Woolf notebooks are a true treasure for any literature lover. Each notebook in the set features a reproduction of one of the covers of the actual notebooks used by Woolf to draft her novels and essays, including The Pargiters and The Waves. These beautiful pocket-sized notebooks are perfect for jotting down notes, ideas, or even snippets of Woolf's own writing!

Virgina Wolf pocket notebooks on display
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     Laughing Elephant also offers a variety of art prints featuring books and readers! These charming illustrations capture the joy and magic of reading, with images that range from cozy book nooks to whimsical literary scenes. Featuring the illustrations of Marcello Dudovich, Honor Appleton, and Jessie Willcox Smith  (among many others!), these prints make great gifts for book lovers, or for anyone looking to add some literary flair to their home decor.

    Squirrel reading in a tree
    Even squirrels love to read!
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    Send a greeting card to a bookish friend!
    Send a greeting card to a bookish friend!
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    For book lovers, there's nothing quite like being surrounded by their favorite literary characters and stories. Laughing Elephant offers a variety of storybook-themed products that are perfect for bringing the magic of classic children's books to life. Our magnets, art prints, and greeting cards feature whimsical illustrations from beloved books such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Whether you're a fan of fairy tales, adventure stories, or animal tales, our collection has something to offer for every reader! 

    Map of Fairyland
    Take a trip to Fairyland via our Storybook illustrations!
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    Next up is our Little Golden Books line of products that celebrate the nostalgia and charm of the popular gold-banded books! Made In partnership with Random House Children’s Books and inspired by Diane Muldrow’s Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book, this line features art prints from classic Little Golden illustrations and sweet sentiments. These products are perfect for those who grew up reading Little Golden Books or simply appreciate their timeless appeal!
    What would we do without our Little Golden friends??
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    The children's books from Laughing Elephant aren’t just for kids! They're perfect for book lovers of all ages who appreciate beautiful illustrations and timeless stories. These books feature the art of our favorite illustrators from a variety of vintage sources, including postcards, children's books, magazines, and advertisements. From classic fairy tales to beloved nursery rhymes to Led Zeppelin (yes, you read that right), these books will transport you back in time and remind you of the joys of reading. 

    Fairyland book cover
     Our Children’s books include our best selling die-cut shape book series!
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    These books are guaranteed to spark happiness! 
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    From classics like Richard Hugo and August Wilson to more contemporary authors like Tom Robbins and Lindy West, Seattle has been home to some very influential writers. But we must admit our bias: hands down, our favorite Seattle author is Alexandra Day!
    Original Good Dog Carl cover
    If you’re visiting an indie bookstore, be on the lookout for Carl in their Children’s Books section!
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    The beloved children's book series features a very good babysitting rottweiler named Carl who first appeared on the scene in 1985. Day has written and illustrated over 30 children's books throughout her career, but the Good Dog, Carl series remains her most beloved work. The books have been translated into multiple languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. We are the proud home of all things Good Dog, Carl!


    Order an art print or book signed by Alexandra Day with a stamp-print of the real Carl's paw!
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     Now that you've been inspired by all the literary offerings from Laughing Elephant, it's time to get started writing your own book! Check out our collection of beautifully designed notebooks and journals, where you can jot down your flashes of creativity and keep them safe for later.

    Girl reading to birds notebook cover
    Grab a pen, let your ideas flow, and start creating your own story today!
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    Compositions pocket notebook set
     While you’re out celebrating SIBD, our Pocket notebooks are perfect for capturing inspiration on the go!
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    April 24, 2023 — Allison Frey

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