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In the whirlwind of holiday festivities, it may seem a bit premature to jump ahead to the next big celebration, but such is the rhythm of the greeting card business! With the need to ensure you have ample time to peruse, order, and receive our New Year's Eve cards, we're here to provide you with a sneak peek into what we've crafted for the upcoming year. For those eager to extend warm wishes to friends and family as 2023 bids adieu, let's dive into our collection and help you get a head start on spreading joy and anticipation for the promising year ahead!
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Vintage postcard enthusiasts, get ready for a treat with our Happy New Year Postcard Book! Take a journey back to the heyday of postcard sending, spanning from the turn of the century until roughly World War I. This era witnessed a significant surge in postcard collecting, with millions of these ephemeral pieces of art produced, sold, and cherished. Beyond mere communication tools, picture postcards offered a snapshot of American life, particularly during the early 20th century. Our curated collection features 30 unique images from the Victorian and Edwardian era, showcasing champagne toasts, ticking clocks, symbolic brooms, ringing bells, and iconic representations of Father Time bidding farewell and a cherubic baby heralding the arrival of the New Year—all compiled in a tear-out postcard book for your (and your recipients') enjoyment!
Toast the New Year with celestial cheer—raise your glass to the moon and send vintage postcard wishes from a bygone era.
See this image in our Happy New Year Postcard Book!
Speaking of champagne, let's raise a glass to the exquisite 1896 Champagne Ruinart poster, an early masterpiece by Alphonse Mucha commissioned by F. Champenois. This artwork holds historical significance, showcasing the world's oldest Champagne house, Ruinart, established in 1729 and active to this day! Mucha's Art Nouveau talent shines through as he captures Ruinart's timeless elegance, making this poster a true testament to both artistic excellence and the enduring legacy of the renowned Champagne house.
Featuring a blank interior, this versatile card is the ideal canvas for expressing warm wishes on New Year's or any joyous celebration!
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We dove into our archives for another classic Champagne house gem, the iconic 1988 advertising piece from the esteemed Taittinger Champagne company, founded in 1734. This modern vintage-style poster, conceived and designed by Claude Taittinger and visually brought to life by Patrick Arlet, beautifully captures the essence of timeless elegance. With a Grace Kelly-inspired figure as its centerpiece, this artwork has become an instant classic. Cheers to the epitome of sophistication!
Here's to "The Taittinger Moment"!
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If, by chance, you know someone celebrating a birthday that aligns with the New Year festivities, consider surprising them with this card featuring the timeless poster art by "the father of modern advertising," Leonetto Cappiello. Crafted in 1922 for the Contratto company, renowned for its exquisite sparkling wine, vermouth, and apéritifs, this card encapsulates joy and festivity for the entire year!
This birthday card promises an effervescent celebration!
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For those seeking a more spirited celebration, we present a fascinating piece of history: an 1896 poster advertising Vin Mariana, the world's pioneering commercial cocaine-based product that predates even the infamous Coca-Cola by over two decades! This stimulating elixir achieved widespread popularity, prompting the manufacturer to publish a book filled with testimonials from luminaries such as Thomas Edison, Jules Verne, and even the Pope himself. It’s a fun and fascinating glimpse into a bygone era of unconventional libations!
A true icon of her time, renowned actress Sarah Bernhardt attributed her health and vitality to Vin Mariani, expressing, "My health and vitality I owe to Vin Mariani."
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For those seeking fashion inspiration for a glamorous night out, our collection boasts an array of vintage fashion images to ignite your creativity. Among them, an elegant Edwardian lady donned in a fashionable dress and a petite hat captivates with a timeless look. This creative masterpiece, seamlessly blending vintage aesthetics with modern graphic design, is the work of the talented contemporary artist Cory Steffen. As one of our esteemed collaborators, Steffen skillfully merges the charm of yesteryears with fresh, contemporary graphics, offering a unique perspective on classic elegance.
Time to get fancy indeed! With a blank interior, this card is versatile enough to be sent for any number of occasions.
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Thank you for exploring and enjoying a glimpse of our celebratory images! For a more extensive collection, delve into our Party & Celebration Collection. Just like us, we know our customers relish celebrating by embracing images that reflect on the past—It's the very essence of why we love what we do. Cheers to celebrating both then and now!
Rev up the whimsy and hitch up your pigs—we're driving into 2024 with vintage charm!
See this image in our Happy New Year Postcard Book!

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