Elephants Never Forget - Father's Day Greeting Card
Beep, beep! Of course we were inspired by this elephant in a 1959 Vespa ad. We turned it into a great Father's Day card—click on the image to see what we turned it into!
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We draw inspiration for our products from various sources, but one of our main inspirations is advertising in vintage magazines. Talented artists crafted captivating illustrations in the era before photography was ubiquitous, and our catalog is a treasure trove of these timeless gems! Click below on the original ad to reveal the delightful transformations in our reproduced images! 

Diving Lady - Birthday Greeting Card
Australian beaches via Victorian Railway by Gert Sellheim, 1938
Giraffe with a Cocktail Glass - Birthday Greeting Card
"for a tall thirst" for Eptinger mineral water by Herbert Leupin, 1949
Dog with a Book - Books & Readers Greeting Card
Spain and Portugal guide books by Manolo Prieto, 1950s
Lady under a Green Umbrella - Encouragement Greeting Card
An "impermeable umbrella" for Ortalion by René Gruau, 1968
Fox on Skis - Birthday Greeting Card
"Be as shrewd as he, and choose the Valais" for the Valais region of Switzerland via SwissAir by Jean & Lucien Gongoro, 1951
Duck with a Mirror - Birthday Greeting Card
"rinse and dry sparkling clean!" for Pril dishwashing liquid by Herbert Leupin, 1950s
Lady on a Moon - Encouragement Greeting Card
Blue Moon Stockings by Gustaf Tenggren, 1920s
Mermaid in a Suit - Mermaids Greeting Card
R. & W. H. Symington's corset company's foray into swimsuits, artist unknown, 1930
Lady and Animals - Women Greeting Card
Clinique Cheron, a Parisian veterinary hotel and clinic, by Théophile Steinlen, 1905
Boy Hammering A Nail - Encouragement Greeting Card
Johnson & Johnson's first aid products by John Philip Falter, 1959
Cat Punching a Sign - Encouragement Greeting Card
Spanish Cognac Quevedo, artist unknown, 1920s
A Conversation By Lamplight - Women Art Print
After the Party for Edison Mazda (later General Electric) by Norman Rockwell, 1922
Bee Fairy - Encouragement Greeting Card
Honey & fruit from the Dutch Matthes Company, artist unknown, late 1800s/early 1900s
Sun in a Glass - Birthday Greeting Card
"sun in a glass" for Monnet Cognac by Leonetto Cappiello, 1927
We'll definitely revisit this topic in future blog posts because we could share so many more with you! We hope you've enjoyed this peek into the inspiration phase of our creative process—it's our joy to give these pieces of art new life as greeting cards for all occasions and as standalone pieces of art!
See our entire Vintage Advertising Collection!


Chev Darling said:

Just love to see all of the original sources for the wonderful cards!

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