Wings Across the USA Postcard Box- Everyday Boxed Postcards

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SKU: 15141T


36 postcards (2 each of 18 designs), with a vintage postcard back with a dividing line and stamp box

Embark on a journey through the American cities of yesteryear with this nostalgic postcard set! Featuring airlines, some now defunct and others still flying, these postcards transport you to a time when even the most mundane destination exuded glamour, thanks to the skilled hands of poster artists; this set includes the work of Edward McKnight Kauffer, David Klein, Joseph Feher, Stan Galli, Thomas Ward Beecher, and Bern Hill.
Our collection showcases fabulous vintage posters from an era when flying was an opulent experience. See our entire Americana Collection!

This product was custom designed and created at our Seattle location, elegantly presented within a deluxe keepsake box.

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Product Specs

4.5" x 6.25", 36 Postcards, Boxed