Puss In Boots - Children's Shape Book

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An addition to our very successful series of shaped children's books, reprinted from antique editions.

Puss-In-Boots, a persistently recurring folk story given perfect form by Charles Perrault, tells the tale of a clever cat who leads his human to fame and fortune. It is delightfully illustrated here by C.H. Lawrence, a lesser known but masterful illustrator, who gives the tale of pluck and tenacity the liveliness it demands.

The shaped children's book has been popular since its invention in the early-20th century. Breaking the bounds of the rectangle has timeless appeal, a fact that we don't fully understand but will happily exploit. We shall continue to choose gems for reproduction from our large collection of ball, cat, dog, bird, etc. shaped books as long as our customers demand that we do so.

Product Specs

7.5" X 13.5", 16 Pages, Paperbound & Die-Cut