Princess Kitty - Captivating Cats Art Print

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A very fancy cat adorned in jewelry, complete with a frond-waving kitten. She is, in fact, royalty— from the pages of Captain Kitty (1951) by Godfrey Lynn, illustrated by Elizabeth Webbe. In this tale, the titular Captain travels from Catville-by-the-Sea to explore the Tropical Isles, where the King and Queen are magnanimous hosts, sharing their pearls and food. See this image on a greeting card!

Marjorie L. Cooper (1910-1999) was a gifted American artist and illustrator whose talents graced the pages of greeting cards and children's books. She began her artistic journey by studying advertising at Massachusetts Art School before delving into sculpture at the Copley Society. Her career flourished at Rust Craft in Boston from 1934 to 1958, where she designed charming greeting cards, often under the pen name "Elizabeth Webbe." Transitioning to illustrating children's books for Rand McNally Publishers in 1942, she captivated young readers with her whimsical drawings. In 1958, Marjorie embarked on a partnership with Gibson Cards. Later in life, at her Cape Cod cottage, she nurtured prize-winning gardens amidst the challenges of beach erosion caused by Hurricane Carol, rounding out a life devoted to creating art and beauty.

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11" x 14", Bagged with Backer Board


Elizabeth Webbe