Carl Guarding a Baby in a Cradle - Good Dog, Carl Art Print (Signed)

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Signed by Alexandra Day, with a stamp-print of the real Carl's paw!

This heartwarming painting portrays Carl attentively tending to a young charge, showcasing the faithful and loving guardianship our dogs offer to both us and our children. Captured in the pages of Carl Goes Shopping (1989) by  Alexandra Day, this delightful scene radiates springtime contentment. See this image on a New Baby greeting carda greeting card with a blank interior, AND as an unsigned art print!

The author and illustrator Alexandra Day, the pen name of Sandra Louise Woodward Darling, was born on September 7, 1941. Many know her as the creative mind behind Good Dog, Carl, a beloved series depicting the adventures of a Rottweiler named Carl, who lovingly cares for a baby named Madeleine. Her own Rottweiler, Toby, served as the beloved model for Carl. Subsequent sequels featured other cherished Darling family Rottweilers. Alongside her husband, Harold Darling, she co-founded Green Tiger Press in 1970 (the very first publisher of Carl books!). In 1983, she added The Teddy Bears' Picnic to her impressive portfolio—a delightful adaptation of Jimmy Kennedy's cherished children's song. Upon relocating to Seattle in 1993, the Darlings established Laughing Elephant, a creative haven that continues to inspire! Sandra's lifelong commitment to art shines through her enduring works, captivating audiences young and old with her boundless creativity.

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This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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11" X 14", Bagged with Backer Board


Alexandra Day