Boy Hammering A Nail - Children Art Print

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Can you guess the product this determined little boy was featured in? Created by John Falter in 1959, this iconic illustration was crafted for a Band-Aid advertisement. The scene captures a moment of focus as the boy concentrates intently on hammering a nail. We find ourselves cheering him on, hoping that his efforts won't lead to a mishap requiring the very Band-Aids he's endorsing! It's a sweet scene of boyhood. See this image on a greeting card!

John Philip Falter (1910–1982) was an American artist active during the mid-20th century. Born in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, he displayed artistic talent from a young age. Falter attended the Kansas City Art Institute and later gained recognition for his work illustrating covers for major magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post, where he contributed over 120 cover illustrations. His ability to capture everyday scenes with a keen eye for detail and emotion earned him widespread acclaim. His illustrations often portrayed various aspects of American life, ranging from small-town gatherings to wartime experiences. Marked by a style characterized by realism and narrative depth, his artwork became iconic and resonated with a broad audience.

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11" x 14", Bagged with Backer Board


John Philip Falter