Graduating Girls with Jack-O-Lanterns - Halloween Art Print

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Graduating ghouls by Harrison Fisher! The October 1905 cover of Ladies' Home Journal beautifully captures an enduring annual tradition at Randolph-Macon Woman's College, now coeducational Randolph College. This cherished custom, predating the cover's illustration, continues to thrive today! Each October, sophomores discreetly select a senior to surprise with thoughtful gifts throughout the week leading up to the grand event. As the week culminates, the sophomores present their seniors with intricately carved pumpkins. Bedecked in their graduation robes, the senior class then embarks on a radiant parade across the campus, illuminating the night with their glowing jack-o-lanterns. Isn't that fun? See our entire Vintage Magazine Cover Collection!

Harrison Fisher (1875-1934) is celebrated for his exquisite portrayals of elegant women, often depicted as rosy-cheeked, long-limbed figures, and frequently showcased in splendid isolation. What truly defines Fisher's enduring artistic legacy is his meticulous attention to detail, notably exemplified in the lavish and strikingly adorned hats that graced the heads of his subjects. Fisher's work became synonymous with the archetypal "American Girl," a quintessential embodiment of grace and style during the early 20th century. He also introduced the beloved "College Girl" and the enchanting "Fisher Girl" to his repertoire, each representing facets of the contemporary American woman. Over the course of his career, Fisher created hundreds of covers for many popular magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Ladies' Home Journal, and Saturday Evening Post.

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Harrison Fisher