Fairies and a Field Mouse - Fairies Art Print

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Amidst a lush tapestry of roses, irises, and morning glories, the intricate details in this artwork transport you to a world where fairies and woodland creatures harmoniously coexist. Etheline E. Dell's fairies, distinctive and ethereal, are instantly recognizable. They're portrayed as otherworldly, often unclothed, and emanate a serene and dreamy aura. See our entire Roses Collection!

Etheline Ella Dell (1865-1891), daughter of landscape painter John Henry Dell, was a talented artist known for her contributions to illustration and genre painting in New Malden, Surrey. She demonstrated her artistic prowess in both oil and watercolor, with a portfolio that encompassed a variety of subjects. While her domestic scenes exuded a certain tenderness, Dell also ventured into the realm of Victorian fairy paintings, adding an ethereal quality to her work. Two books are known to have been illustrated by Dell: Songs of Trust and Triumph in the 1890s and Pictures from Shelley in 1892, leaving a lasting mark on the art world despite her tragically short life.

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11" x 14", Bagged with Backer Board


Etheline E. Dell