Tristan and Isolde - Fantasy and Legend Art Print

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Legendary lovers Tristan and Isolde are depicted here drinking the love potion that binds them eternally. This medieval chivalric romance, rooted in Celtic legend, boasts numerous interpretations. John Duncan's rendition of the tale's pivotal moment, painted in 1912, captures its essence. See our entire Fantasy & Legend Collection!

John Duncan (1866–1945) is a notable figure in Scottish Symbolist painting, with much of his work delving into Arthurian legends, Celtic folklore, and various mythological subjects. Getting his start by submitting cartoons to local publications, he eventually became an assistant in the art department of the Dundee Advertiser. After formally studying art in Düsseldorf, he exhibited at the Victoria Art Galleries and co-founded the Dundee Graphic Arts Association. His career took a significant turn in 1892 when he moved to Edinburgh to collaborate with Patrick Geddes, painting murals and contributing to Geddes's magazine, The Evergreen. This marked Duncan's immersion in the Celtic Revival movement, leading to notable commissions and engagements, including designing the Witches' Well monument in Edinburgh in 1894. Despite a brief and unhappy stint at the Chicago Institute in the early 1900s, Duncan ultimately returned to Edinburgh, where he spent the remainder of his life. He remained active in the Scottish arts scene, serving as the President of the Scottish Arts Club and producing significant works like Mary Queen of Scots at Fotheringhay in 1929.

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John Duncan