Dancing With the Fish - Women Art Print

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This image exudes a lively atmosphere, but its tone takes a sinister turn when you delve into its source! It originates from an Irish tale titled The Wonderful Tune, featured in The Lilac Fairy Book (1910) edited by Andrew Lang and adorned with enchanting illustrations by Warwick Goble. (Fun fact: There were 12 books in the Rainbow Fairy series, each named after a color!) The accompanying caption to this image intriguingly states, "The Sea-lady allures Maurice into the Sea," and indeed, she does! Maurice, the finest piper in Munster, finds himself enticed by the green-haired sea lady and her fish companions, leading to a mesmerizing dance that draws him into the water. See our entire Storybook & Literature Collection!

Warwick Goble (1862–1943) was a British artist and illustrator who received his education and training at the City of London School and the Westminster School of Art. Specializing in fairy tales and influenced by stories from Japan, India, and the Middle East, Goble's artistic journey was marked by a deep appreciation for folklore and mythology. Among his first published illustrations was for H.G. Wells' iconic work, The War of the Worlds, in 1897. Notably, Goble extended his artistic prowess to early science-fiction stories, showcasing his versatility and innovation. His illustrations, characterized by intricate details and a keen sense of narrative, established him as a prominent figure in the Golden Age of Illustration.

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Warwick Goble