Carl at the Dog Show - Good Dog, Carl Book (Signed)

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Carl is going to the Dog Show to see his brother compete, but when Mother tell him and Madeleine that they have a little while to look around, they get distracted by all there is to see at a dog show. There are people grooming, bathing and decorating dogs, there are all kinds of dog things for sale, entertaining competitions and charity events. But of course they do get where they are supposed to be in time to congratulate Carl's brother on his new Championship.

Move over, Mary Poppins, and make room for Carl. The illustrations are more dynamic and the goings on even more beguiling than in previous outings
- Publishers Weekly

This book is signed by Alexandra Day, and with a stamp-print of the real Carl's paw.

Product Specs

8.5" X 10.5", 32 Pages, Hardbound


Alexandra Day