Carl's Snowy Afternoon - Good Dog, Carl Book (Signed)

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When Madeleine's parents go to the Pond Party, they leave Carl and the baby at home for a cozy winter afternoon with a babysitter. But Carl and Madeleine have plans of their own they want to play in the snow! After getting all bundled up, they sneak off to go sledding, build a snowman, and even make an appearance at the party and try sliding on the ice at the pond. Of course, resourceful Carl gets the baby home before her parents return and the babysitter is never the wiser.

Following her series' winning format, Day sets the scene for the duo's shenanigans with minimal text, then lets lush paintings do the storytelling. They succeed splendidly, revealing cherubic Madeleine and the resourceful rottweiler escaping outdoors via the doggy door, helping neighbors make snowmen, sledding down a hill and catching snowflakes on their tongues. A highlight of their antics involves the two boldly cavorting on the frozen pond close by the girl's oblivious parents, a kid-tickling hallmark of Carl adventures. Pleasingly true to form, the pair manages to sneak back inside minutes before Madeleine's parents return. Among the fun flourishes are views of Carl purloining hot dogs from a vendor's grill and Madeleine, perched on Carl's back, removing a snowman's carrot nose for a hungry bunny. Despite its setting, it's a decidedly warm adventure. All ages.
- Publishers' Weekly, Nov. 2009

This book is signed by Alexandra Day, and with a stamp-print of the real Carl's paw.

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8.5" X 10.5", 32 Pages, Hardbound


Alexandra Day