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This lady and her impressive library graced a Dutch poster created by Piet van der Hem, with the directive "Besteed Uw Geld Goed Koop een Boek" (Spend Your Money Well, Buy a Book). You don't have to tell us twice! See this image as an art print!

Pieter (Piet) van der Hem (1885 – 1961) was a renowned Dutch painter, illustrator, and book designer. Born in Wirdum, he faced early loss and was raised by relatives in Leeuwarden. Encouraged by his art teacher, he studied at the National School of Applied Arts in Amsterdam and the Rijksacademy of Visual Arts. He spent a transformative period in Paris, where he immersed himself in the vibrant artistic scene of Montmartre. Returning to Amsterdam, he gained recognition for his political drawings, then ventured into poster design, book covers, and advertisements, earning praise for his skill, clarity, and wit. Interestingly, he participated in the art competitions at the 1924 Summer Olympics, the 1932 Summer Olympics, and the 1936 Summer Olympics!

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Piet van der Hem

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