Invisible Art - Gift Book

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This book attempts to show us beautiful things which are not ordinarily thought of as beautiful—to make invisible art visible. The authors believe that too many people think that art is confined to museums and galleries, whereas, in truth, it is all around us.

Some of the things included in Invisible Art are: coloring book covers, novelty catalog illustrations, old postcards, cigarette cards, and children's book illustrations. Unusual themes are explored, such as: the number three, men and women in boats, a history of the hammock, personifications of mountains, women's backs, and artful modes of concealment.

The ART in this book is INVISIBLE in the sense that much of it has been overlooked, dismissed, or forgotten. Further, a prevailing notion that art has to be found only in museums and galleries keeps most of us from the full enjoyment of the visual pleasures which life offers.

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10" X 10", 144 Pages, Paperbound with Flaps