Weird & Wonderful - Gift Book

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An entertaining anthology of weird and wonderful scenes from old children's books.

This volume has been many years in the making.' The author has kept track, as he collected and cataloged the huge Blue Lantern library old children's picture books, of particularly unusual images and situations.' Here are some of the best and rarest of these discoveries.' The world of children's books is one where imagination is given free rein, and the results are both stimulating and delightful.' Artists and authors include Frank Baum, Edward Lear, Gelett Burgess, Peter Newell, John R. Neill and Charles Doyle.

Welleran Poltarnees, who together with his wife Alexandra Day founded the legendary Green Tiger Press and head the various publishing enterprises of The Laughing Elephant, has been collecting weird and wonderful moments from children's literature for over three decades. It is his collection of over 15000 children's books that fuels the Laughing Elephant's creative spirit, and it is from this world class collection that he has drawn the selections that appear in Weird and Wonderful.'

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8" X 9", 112 Pages, Paperbound with Flaps