A Fairy Queen With Butterfly Crown - Fairies Greeting Card

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Absolutely enchanting, right? This exquisite painting, titled Take the Fair Face of Woman, and Gently Suspending, With Butterflies, Flowers, and Jewels Attending, Thus Your Fairy is Made of Most Beautiful Things, draws its inspiration from a verse by Charles Ede. Crafted by the talented artist Sophie Anderson in 1869, it's often simply referred to as A Portrait of a Fairy. With its delicate portrayal and intricate details, this artwork encapsulates the very essence of a most beautiful fairy, a true masterpiece that stirs the imagination. See this image as an art print!

Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903) was a French-born British artist who left an indelible mark on the Victorian art scene, particularly through her exceptional portraiture and genre paintings. Born in Paris, she later settled in America and then England, where her artistic journey truly flourished. Anderson gained acclaim for her exquisite renditions of children and pastoral settings, often featuring young girls in dreamy, idyllic scenarios. Notably, she made history when her painting Elaine became the first acquisition of a woman artist in a public collection. Furthermore, in November 2008, her masterpiece No Walk Today set a world record by fetching over £1 million at a Sotheby's auction in London. Her work, characterized by a unique fusion of Realism and Romanticism, now graces the hallowed halls of esteemed museums, a testament to her enduring impact on the art world.

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Sophie Anderson

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