Carousel Animals - Everyday Boxed Greeting Cards

$25.00 USD
SKU: 14526B


12 greeting cards (each a unique design)


We don't have to tell you that carousels are often beautiful. As our tastes lean towards the vintage, we're particularly fond of older ones! Our favorites were made in America in the first two decades of the 20th century. On these cards, we feature a finely carved wooden and elaborately painted menagerie, including some exquisite horses, a tiger, a pig, a greyhound, a lion, a zebra, a frog, a polar bear, a rooster, a cat, and a grand dog named Bruno. They're perfect for taking a whimsical ride into the past. See our entire Circus & Carousel Collection!

This product was custom designed and created at our Seattle location and comes with envelopes, all elegantly presented within a deluxe keepsake box.

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Product Specs

A6 (4.5" x 6.25") Boxed with Envelopes