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INSIDE GREETING: Happy Birthday!

A felinely fantastic birthday card! The Circus ABC, a delightful Little Golden Book from 1955, authored by Kathryn Jackson and illustrated by J.P. Miller, takes young readers on a captivating journey through the enchanting world of the circus! From acrobats to clowns and elephants, this whimsical story is an entertaining way for kids to learn their ABCs while enjoying the magic of the big top. It's a fantastic source for celebratory greeting card images! See our entire Birthday Card Collection!

Little Golden Books are renowned for their heartwarming illustrations and endearing messages. In collaboration with Random House Children’s Books, the publisher of Little Golden Books and Diane Muldrow’s Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book, our cards are designed to convey warm wishes to both children and the young at heart. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or simply to say "I'm thinking of you," these cards pay homage to the Little Golden Books tradition by featuring their iconic gold band on the back. Each card is accompanied by a golden envelope, adding an additional golden touch to your heartfelt messages!

John Parr Miller (1913–2001), not to be confused with the playwright J.P. Miller, played a significant role in shaping the enchanting world of children's art and literature. His early career was as an animator for the legendary Walt Disney during the Golden Age of Animation. In fact, he was among a select trio of artists entrusted to establish Disney’s Character Model Department, marking his prominence in this iconic animation studio. After World War II, the esteemed Little Golden Books came knocking, recruiting Miller and other Disney veterans to infuse the charm of animation into children's books, making them accessible to a wide audience. The results were nothing short of magical! Miller's illustrious portfolio includes beloved titles like Little Red HenLittle PeeweeThe Marvelous Merry-Go-RoundTommy's Wonderful RidesThe Circus ABC, and many more! These works define the quintessential Little Golden Book style, ensuring that Miller's legacy will be cherished by many more generations of children.

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J.P. Miller

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A6 (4.5" X 6.25") with Gold Envelope