Girl Talking With Her Cat - Fan Favorite Notebook

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20 pages, lined

This charming vintage illustration from Honor Appleton's 1924 book, Me and My Pussies, is one of our most beloved images! For this series, we have selected our most popular and beloved images of children and animals. The notebooks feature rounded edges and a sewn binding. The back covers are adorned with useful information such as the multiplication table and various measurement tables. See this image on a greeting cardas an art print, AND on postcards in a set!

Honor Charlotte Appleton (1879-1951) was a British illustrator renowned for her delicate watercolor style, which lent a unique charm to her artwork. Born in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, she displayed an early talent for both art and field hockey! Her artistic journey commenced with illustrating children's stories and soon evolved to include literary classics recognized by readers worldwide. Throughout her career, Appleton breathed life into over 150 books with her whimsical and imaginative illustrations, leaving a lasting mark on the world of literature and art. Her enchanting work has adorned nursery rooms and classrooms for nearly a century, continuing to captivate the hearts and minds of generations.

Our line of Fan Favorite Notebooks features rounded edges and a sewn binding. The back covers contain helpful information in a vintage style, including the multiplication table and various measurement tables.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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6.625" X 8.625", 20 Pages, Paperbound, Lined Pages


Honor Appleton