Two Children & Fairies - Fairies Greeting Card

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We're about to blow your minds with the origin story behind this sweet scene of children amongst fairies by Florence Mary Anderson: it originates from a book by Edith Howes, an esteemed children's author in early 20th-century New Zealand. Her most renowned work, The Cradle Ship (1916), marked a pioneering foray into sex education through storytelling! The tale unfolds as a family embarks on a whimsical odyssey through Babyland aboard a cradle-ship, prompted by the innocent curiosity of children about the origins of babies. This enchanting journey encompasses lessons on plant and animal reproduction, ultimately unveiling the source of human babies... kind of. According to a wise new mother encountered on their voyage, babies develop from eggs within a silken bag beneath a mother's heart, shrouding the intricacies of their arrival in enchanting ambiguity. Despite this captivating backstory, the card we've created features a blank interior, allowing you to send it for any occasion. Maybe it's the perfect choice for celebrating a new baby's arrival? See our entire New Baby Card Collection!

Born in Greenock, Scotland, Florence Mary Anderson (1889-1945) emerged as a notable children's illustrator and writer during the Golden Age of Illustration. She refined her skills at the Glasgow School of Art and later at Bradford College of Art. Her delicate style frequently adorned works by women children's authors. The post-WWI period marked a prolific phase, yielding notable works such as The Rainbow Twins (1919) and The Password to Fairyland (1920). Anderson's career underwent a gradual shift in her later years, leading to success in landscape painting, portraiture, and teaching. Although her legacy sometimes intertwines with other artists due to similar names, her enduring contributions to folklore and fairy tale illustrations remain a distinctive mark of the era.

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Florence Mary Anderson

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