Ringing the Doorbell, With Flowers - Thank You Greeting Card

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INSIDE GREETING: With many thanks

Knock, knock. Imagine opening the door to a beautiful lady holding a bouquet of thank-you flowers! Transport yourself to this charming scene, captured in a 1924 advertising calendar. These calendars were practical tools and delightful works of temporary art gifted by companies to potential customers. Step into the past and let this vintage image inspire your gratitude and warm messages! See our entire Thank You Card Collection!

Frederick Duncan (1881–unknown) was a versatile American artist recognized for his proficiency in portrait painting, illustration, sculpture, and writing. Although details about his life remain elusive, Duncan's artistic legacy speaks volumes. His talent shines through in the soft and captivating depictions of women that grace the canvases of advertising, magazine covers, and poster art, showcasing his adeptness in capturing the popular aesthetics of his era.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Frederick Duncan

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A6 (4.5" X 6.25") with Envelope