Couple in a Car - Mother's Day Greeting Card

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INSIDE GREETING: Wherever we're going, I'm glad we're together.

A humorous commentary on marriage, perfect for wishing one's wife a Happy Mother's Day. We stumbled upon this image on the cover of the August 5, 1956 edition of American Weekly, aptly titled Just Married by its artist, Gordon Johnson. See this image on a similar Father's Day card!

Gordon Johnson (1924–1989) was a highly influential American artist based in New York City. Although details about his biography remain largely unknown, his impact is evident through his remarkable contributions to the world of art. Specializing in realism, he created striking covers for publications such as The American Magazine, American Weekly, Outdoor Life, and Boys' Life in the 1950s. Transitioning into the 1960s, Johnson emerged as a prolific paperback cover artist during the Silver Age of Mass-Market Paperbacks. His work spanned genres, and he produced cover art for numerous major paperback houses in New York City. Johnson's work remains a testament to his skill and versatility, contributing to the visual landscape of mid-20th-century American publishing.

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Gordon Johnson

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