Orange Mother Cat & Kitten - Louis Wain Greeting Card

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This happy duo could only have been created by the cat-master himself, Louis Wain! With its blank interior, it's perfect to send to a cat lover on any number of occasions. However, if your mom loves cats or you're looking for a card for a cat mom, we think it's fitting for Mother's Day!

Louis Wain (1860–1939), an English artist, is renowned for his captivating cat illustrations. He embarked on his artistic journey with conventional Victorian-style painting but quickly delved into a unique realm characterized by whimsical and anthropomorphic cat depictions. His foray into the world of feline art commenced when his wife, Emily Marie Richardson, fell ill. To bring her cheer, he lovingly depicted their cherished black-and-white kitten, Peter. Encouraged by Emily, he began to share his cat art with the world. By 1890, he had gained widespread acclaim as "The Man Who Drew Cats." His influence was so significant that he was elected as the president of the National Cat Club and frequently served as a judge at cat competitions! After illustrating countless cats for books, postcards, and advertisements, the end of his life could have taken a somber turn. Hasty business deals left him without substantial royalties for his work. However, when booksellers and artists learned that he was residing in the pauper ward of a mental hospital (where he continued to draw cats, of course), they rallied to raise funds for his care. This heartwarming gesture by the artistic community further solidified his place in the annals of art history as a beloved and enduring figure. Wain's enduring legacy is a testament to his ability to infuse warmth, humor, and a touch of the surreal into the realm of cat art.

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Louis Wain

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