Valentine Labels - Holiday Sticker Box

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30 unique die-cut stickers, boxed

Explore the enchanting world of our oversized love-themed stickers, meticulously curated to add a touch of vintage charm to your romantic expressions! Sourced from a diverse array of vintage treasures, including school Valentines, postcard art, and magazine covers, these stickers offer a delightful spectrum of images—from the whimsically silly to the heartwarmingly sweet. Versatile and brimming with nostalgic flair, these stickers are the perfect embellishments for a myriad of romantic correspondences and gifts, allowing you to infuse a timeless touch of love into every gesture. See all our Boxed Sticker Sets!

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Product Specs

4.75" X 6", 34 Die-Cut Sticker Sheets, Bagged & Boxed